Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Buy Gold for Pockie Ninja Using Ultimate Game Card

I think this is the easiest way to buy golden beans for this game if you're not have any credit card / paypal. Ok here's the brief guide about how to buy Ultimate Game Card voucher (UGC) then exchange it to gold.

The exchange rate is $1 UGC = 1 golden bean = 20 gold + bonus gold from event. You can see the current bonus gold at the moment is 20 gold for 1 golden bean. So $1 UGC = 40 gold till the end of this month (July). And there's a bonus for the first top-up as you can see it on official website.


Find the nearest UGC store on your country. Because lots of people who read this blog is coming from US and Phil, I'll give the example how to find the store for both of the country.

US : ultimategamecard.playspan.com/ugcstores/us (29 stores)
Phil : ultimategamecard.playspan.com/ugcstores/ph (1 store)

You'll get UGC PIN after you buy UGC voucher from those legit store.


Login to your account, then go to the "charge" menu. Fill charge information there, UGC as the payment method, your passport id, and charging amount, Then fill PIN, with your UGC PIN. This is the link to official guide about how to charge with UGC.

If you success on charging, you can see your current golden beans on "Passport Management" menu.


Go to top-up event page. And choose your current server and amount of gold.

Reload your browser if you still playing. Then check "Coupon" menu (in-game) to get your bonus gold.


Mystery Merchant - shows at 09.00-24.00 every hour for 10 minutes only.
He will sell you:
- 40 gift coupons for ~20g (cheapest price)
- 100,000 stone for ~30g (cheapest price)
- 3 Days VIP Card for ~15g (cheapest price)
- Sage Panacea for 1-2g

Use your gold wisely. Hope this little guide help you guys a bit. Enjoy... ^^