Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Earn and Spending Gold Without Buying It

Based on Genma's guide about "Gold Spending and Earning Tips", you can make profit (get more stone/gold) by using 90+ gold. Lately, I also did the same experiment. I usually get one orange and some blue/gray outfit out of 10 times the mystery jar is opened each day. The cost to open one mystery jar is 18 gold, so I need 180 gold minimum to do this.

The question is, how can I get that 180 gold?

Well, it's a bit tricky because the bound/unbound system. Here's some example what you can do:
  1. Be patient.
  2. Find some 2s/3s equipment (unbound), you can get it by running any Valhalla dungeon (Hard), or doing Slot Machine.
  3. Save up your stone until you can buy grey/blue unbound outfit on the market, grey cheapest price is 15,000 stone and blue cheapest price is 40,000 stone (maybe lower/higher).
  4. Synthesize it to higher outfit level (remember the bound/unbound rule).
    Grey + 2s + 2s = Blue (70%). Blue + 3s + 3s = Orange (80%).
  5. Then sell it at the market with only accept gold payment. Blue for 40-60 gold each, and Orange for 125-150 gold each.
Hope you can get 180+ gold now. Then go break some mystery jars (you can stop if you get orange outfit before the 10 times). Sell the outfit you get for gold/stone. You can save some grey/blue outfit to synthesize it later with another unbound equipment too.

Yeah, it's based on luck, you may get profit, break event, or broke. But the good thing is, you can save up your medal every day by doing this (for fulfilling your ninja diary), and get some enchantment stone, or any gift. You can get more Exp bonus doing bounty quest (using gold), or buy a new VIP card too.

Have fun playing Pockie Ninja. ^^

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