Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leveling Tips (Newbie) part 1

There's a nice leveling guide by Genma at the forum. It's very deep and really good for a long-term play. I use it as my reference.


This Pockie Ninja's guide is made for player who can spent 4-5 hours a day to play based on ninja diary system (check ninja diary guide by Kirvin). Don't mind about your build/stat or skills now. You can go for your build or resetting skill after you reach level 31+.

First Day

Choose your avatar and village then follow the quest tutorial (see the guide to choose your village by 3zycupid). After you can freely move, go accept all the quest and finish the talk-quest first. You'll get 2 quest that need the same monster to kill. Use instant chain attack for fast leveling.

Always use 5 multiple chain attack if you want to use gift coupons to instant it (cost 1 gift coupon).

At level 10, get bounty quest (refreshed once an hour). I always claim 4 quest per hour, so I can get 20 quest for playing 4+ hours. You can't synthesize iron ore now though, but claim the quest first.

Here's tips for carrier bag quest. Click the box near HP/Chakra status, just buy HP carrier bag only. So you only pay for 5 gift coupons. It's expensive, so you shouldn't buy it from now on, except you're rich.

At level 15, you can use synthesis. Find some disassembly scroll to make iron ore by refreshing item shop. Then go to bounty quest menu, and finish the quest.

Don't waste time to fight monster for bounty quest. Use instant complete for only 2 gift coupons. You'll need 20 gift coupon (minimum) to complete one day bounty quest, if you get 4 quest per hour.

If you stuck at your level, go fight highest level monster outdoor, sleep at the Hall, wait until next exp bounty quest, or fighting monster at Las Noches (need 1000stone).

Here's nice tips. Go to Las Noches, fight some monster. then leave it to finish some quest or exploration. After that you can continue Las Noches's challenge on the same floor number.

This tips is pretty good if you want to clear exploration diary (need to replenish it for 12 gift coupons) or to buy pots when you have low of HP/chakra. You can clear the "10 floor level Las Noches" like this too.

By the way, you can solo decadent nest at levle 15. So you should reach level 16 by then.

After you reach level 16, go fight slot at Crossroads 10 times with team. You can go fight at Valhalla hard now, but you'll need help from level +26 player to cover your lack.

Last, but not least, go to the Hall after you finished all quest and leveling up. Find some room (always choose full room like 6/8 or 7/8 so you can get +5 exp bonus). Then go fight at the Arena to increase your rank. Break 5 jars daily, and do some duels to fulfill your daily ninja.

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